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18 Marzo 2016 / By admin

What not to do while in Cusco!

  1. Don´t just eat anywhere

Everywhere on the street are small carts with delicious looking food on it and you want to try it? It might seem super local and non-touristy to do so, but keep in mind that it can´t be that clean out there on the street. Depending on your stomach that can lead to problems and it would be sad to miss out on activities for the next few days. It is important to decide what is safe for you and your health and what not.


  1. Don´t just take pictures of people

There are a lot of people around, especially in the countryside, that are still more traditional. And wouldn´t a quick pic for someone in a tradition dress just be the perfect picture to remember the trip by? Yes, it might be. BUT make sure to respect the people and their privacy, it isn´t a zoo and the people have their rights. So make sure to ask the people if you can take a picture of them. There are also a lot of people dressed up in traditional dresses in the city center, they generate their income by charging you for a picture with them. It is usually just a few dollars, not a lot for you but a lot for them. So why not?


  1. Don´t add to the waste problem

Undoubtedly you have noticed the masses of waste in the streets and on the road. Don´t forget that you are in a different environment, where recycling is just starting and where awareness to waste is just coming up. So help this development by not littering and by taking your trash back to the hotel with you or to one of the rare waste bins.


  1. Don´t be too trusty

Cusco is super touristy and that means it often gets crowded. Where there are crowds there are of course a lot of thieves and pickpockets. So make sure to not leave your handbag open. To watch your wallet all the time and to not carry important documents with you, make a copy and carry the copy with you. Watch your camera and other equipment you have with you. Be safe.


  1. Don´t rely on your Credit Card

While at home you might almost never use cash, make sure to have cash with you at all times. Many places already adjusted to the customs tourists have and offer card payment, but it can happen that the system fails und there are places that don´t have it at all. Especially in the more rural area of course, but in Cusco itself as well – you might not always want to eat at touristic places but in more local ones it is all about cash.


  1. Don´t always trust the cheapest offers

Often it is hard to decide which offer you should go for, because there are so many. So why not go with the cheapest one? The cheap ones might not hold what they promise and of course if you pay less they pay their employees less than others do.  So decide what is more important to you, quality or saving a few dollars.



  1. Don´t walk alone in the dark

Cusco is generally a safe city, but walking around alone in the dark is still not the best idea. Just keep in mind that there are always drunk people around and about and of course thieves come out at night as well. If it is outside the center this even should be something to be taken very seriously. Taxis are not expensive and you can get one anywhere or even call one beforehand.

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